Direct payments to manage your own care

The information below explains how people eligible for community care services can be enabled to live in the community using a Direct Payment.


What is a Direct Payment?

If you have been assessed as needing community care services and are capable of managing a direct payment (with assistance, if necessary) you can decide to receive a payment and organise and buy those services yourself.


Who can get a Direct Payment?

A direct payment can be made to anyone over the age of 16 living in Wiltshire who requires assistance from others to live independently at home. It is also available to carers and people with parental responsibility for a disabled child.


How is it paid?

The direct payment will normally be paid in advance.


What can the money be used for?

  • Direct payments can be used to purchase any community based service, for example:
  • Help with personal tasks such as getting up, washing, dressing, going to bed, etc.
  • Help with practical tasks such as food preparation, cooking, shopping and other related tasks to enable you to live in your own home.
  • Respite care - either in your own home or a setting of your choice.


Who can I employ?

In exceptional circumstances you may employ a close relative, spouse or partner, living in the same household.

You may employ anyone else living inside or outside your household, including other relatives or friends.


How much money can I have?

The amount of money provided depends on priority of need and the level of assistance required for you to live in your own home, taking into account what it would cost the local authority to provide your care.


Are there any charges?

A person receiving direct payments will be subject to the local authority's charging policy in the same way as other service users.

  • How much responsibility and control will I have?
  • You will have the responsibility and control of:
  • Employing an agency, and/or recruiting and employing your own staff.
  • Organising and managing your own day to day living arrangements.
  • Paying your staff/agency using a separate bank account.
  • Keeping records.


Support and advice is available to assist you to take on these responsibilities if you wish.


What help and support can I expect?

The Wiltshire Direct Payment Support Service is available to provide information and advice on employing agencies and employing your own staff. It can put you in touch with other people receiving, or considering a direct payment.


How long does a direct payment last?

As with all community care services, a review of eligibility and priority must take place at least annually, subject to any significant changes in your circumstances. You are able to request a review at any time.


How can I get a direct payment?

You will need to have a community care assessment and meet our eligibility criteria for services.

While you meet our eligibility criteria for services you can ask for a direct payment at any time.


Who should I contact for more information?

Contact the Department of Community Services on 0300 456 0111 for further guidance on the Direct Payment process