Our Team



Anne Pelling - Managing Director (Responsible Individual and Registered Manager)


Anne has extensive experience of working within the community in Bath. She holds a BSc(Hons) Degree in Health and Social Care Management and has a level three teaching qualification (PTTLS).


Eric Pelling - Director 


Eric has experience in managing teams, quality systems and holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Health and Social Care Management, NEBOSH General Certificate in Health and Safety. He is also experienced in training and information technology and has a level three teaching qualification (PTTLS).


Michele Bodman - Operations Manager


I have had the pleasure to work with people that need care and support since I was 16. For the past the 33 years my career has taken me across every avenue of the sector and country and I have held many roles. All the roles I have held were taken with the aim of improving care for those people that need it and at the time it is required. At 16 I started work as a care assistant and realized quite quickly that my passion was for helping people. My career led to me teaching and training those values that I held dearly, helping other caring individuals to obtain recognised caring qualifications across the southwest initially and then across the UK. I have seen many changes in the sector over these years however one thing always remains the same “my passion for excellent care provided by caring, kind people at the point of need”. I continue to be one of those carers.


Alex Haines - Accounts Manager


My name is Alex Haines and I am the Accounts Manager, based in Westbury. I have been with Butterfly for two years, and worked for the previous five years in the care industry. I deal with all the finances of the company, including the payroll, invoicing and collection of payments. This role is enjoyable, as it is different every day, and always interesting. I have a degree in English, Politics and Social Science, enjoy travelling and spending as much time as possible with my three sons.


Ben Wicks - Business and Finance Manager


It is a great pleasure to fulfil the role of Business and Finance Manager at Butterfly. I am very much looking forward to embracing the challenge of working in a new industry and helping the organisation to progress. My previous experiences come in the world of sport development. Over the past few years I have worked in several sporting organisations differing from public sector organisations to charities. Most of this work was focussed on supporting underrepresented groups, be it individuals with learning disabilities or young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds, to live healthy and active lifestyles. The fundamentals of my previous roles reflect closely with this new role; ensuring those who need it, get a high quality of support to benefit their day to day living. 




Vicky Nash - Care Coordinator/Administrator


My name is Vicky Nash. I have worked for Butterfly for 2 years. I took the incredible step into the care sector 4 years ago. This was a career decision that I wasn't sure I would enjoy, however here I am 4 years later, I consider this to be the best choice I've made regarding my career, I have taken many job roles within the 4 years and have enjoyed all of them. Although I am currently enjoying a different aspect of my career by co-ordinating carers and ensuring clients are receiving a service they require, my favourite time was when I was out in the community providing care for so many individuals. Whilst spending time out in the community for many years has helped me promote my experience towards my current job role. I have learnt so much about myself as a person through the care I offered. Although I haven't been in the care sector for as long an amount of time as some, I truly believe this is where I will stay for many years to come.