Personal Budgets in Bath & North East Somerset

What is a Personal Budget?


Personal Budgets allow people who are eligible for adult social care services to have greater choice and control over the services they receive to meet their assessed care and support needs. Following an assessment of your care and support needs which will be carried out by Sirona staff, you will be allocated a Personal Budget and offered help to plan your support. People who receive a Personal Budgets will also be assessed under the Council’s Fairer Contributions Policy and may be required to make a contribution towards their Personal Budget from their own money.


Personal Budgets can be allocated in a variety of different ways:


  • A Direct Payment is a cash payment made directly to you or your representative. You can manage the Direct Payment yourself, or ask Sirona staff to help you access support to manage it. You can employ your own staff using a Direct Payment or purchase services from a range of care and support organisations. If you are required to make a contribution towards your Personal Budget this will be taken off before any money is paid to you or your representative.
  • A Commissioned Service can be set up for you by Sirona staff if you do not want the responsibility of managing your own Personal Budget or you do not have anyone who can help you with this. With this option, if you are required to make a contribution towards your Personal Budget, the Council will send you regular bills to cover this amount.
  • A mixed Personal Budget allows you to have part Direct Payment and part Commissioned Service. With this option any financial contribution will be taken off your Personal Budget before payments are made to you or your representative