Professional Partners

Inter professional partnerships

Since 2008 we have become the company health and social care professionals turn to. We have built a reputation through our support of GPs, Community Nurses, Social Workers, Hospital Discharge teams, Support groups, Charities and community groups whenever they have required it.

As trained professionals in our fields we fully understand what you require. We are aware of the need for all those involved to provide a holistic, person centred and seamless approach to health and wellbeing as well as meeting the essential standards of quality and safety demanded by the Care Quality Commission and the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Our business has been designed around providing a timely and seamless transition from the professional care you provide ensuring the best outcomes for the person. We know working this way gives the best chance of an individual not be readmitted to hospital and continuing their road to recovery.

Because we understand that efficient social care services can reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital we:

  • Recruit, train and retain only the best staff.
  • Provide a responsive and flexible service that is available when a need has been identified even overnight or weekends.
  • Understand the stress that may be caused to individuals from unnecessary duplication of assessment processes and tailor our processes accordingly.
  • Understand the value of efficient and sufficient communication between all professionals involved in the provision of services.
  • Ensure individuals are able to make informed decisions about their care and how and when it is delivered.
  • Ensure the quality of our services through a robust review and quality assurance process.
  • Use electronic call monitoring providing that added peace of mind and security for individuals and professionals that services are provided at the right time and invoices are accurate for the care received.