Safeguarding Adults / Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Abuse

Butterfly Home Help has a 'Zero tolerance' regarding the abuse of vulnerable adults. Anyone who suspects abuse is taking or has taken place has a duty to report it. If someone is in immediate danger please call the emergency services (999). Under no circumstances should you approach the alleged abuser as this could jeopardise any official investigation. If you suspect abuse of a Butterfly client this should be reported to the manager in complete confidence. The manager will then implement the company's safeguarding procedures.

If you feel it would be inappropriate to report it to Butterfly or the victim is not connected to the company then please look at your areas Safeguarding web page on this site which offers advice.

The following information is designed to assist you in understanding what constitutes abuse, who might be an abuser and what to do if you suspect abuse.

Please select the appropriate area safeguarding page.

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